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A teeth whitening formula restores natural colour

April 04, 2018

The Smile Bar restores teeth to their natural off-white colour

A teeth whitening formula restores natural colour


The Smile Bar, a new and innovative teeth-whitening concept from Sweden, restores teeth to their natural off-white colour with an effective teeth-whitening gel that uses a revolutionary formula. Using an advanced whitening lamp, it produces more immediate visible effects, up to two to nine shades whiter.

The products used at The Smile Bar have been thoroughly tested to be 100 percent safe, while the LED Plasma Light technology has proven to produce better and faster results compared to UV or Laser lights in other dental centres.

The painless procedure uses a formula by Brilliant Smile, which includes an extremely low percentage of bleach to correct the teeth’s existing colour and return it to its “natural off-white pigment,” rather than fake white, in just 20 to 60 minutes.

The Smile Bar is also changing the teeth whitening experience by offering a unique, modern, dental spalike atmosphere and first class services to customers paired with state-of-the-art equipment. Customers can sit in specially designed egg-shaped pods and are offered a number of options to pass their time, from tablets to Bose noise-cancelling headsets.

The Smile Bar is now operating in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Manila, offering some popular packages including Double or Triple Whitening with Nano Seal Total+. The first treatment of its kind to seal in the teeth’s whiteness, it allowing consumers to resume to their usual lifestyle without worrying about downtime or staining post-treatment.

The whitening effect can last up to six months, depending on an individual’s dental hygiene and lifestyle, such as consumption of tea, coffee, or cigarettes.



This story was originally published in the Global Health and Travel issue of October 2017

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