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IHH Healthcare Malaysia: Health Destination of Choice for International Patients

July 06, 2024

Experience world-class healthcare with a Patients-First approach

IHH Healthcare Malaysia: Health Destination of Choice for International Patients

Imagine being able to receive quality medical care, with access to specialised treatments unavailable locally, all while exploring a new country. This attractive possibility drives millions of people around the world to embark on medical tourism.

In 2023, Malaysia drew in over a million medical tourists thanks to its excellent healthcare services, advanced medical technology, convenient location, and warm hospitality. This combination is rapidly making Malaysia a preferred destination for people around the world seeking quality medical treatment.

Trusted Healthcare for Generations

IHH Healthcare Malaysia (IHH Malaysia), a leading player in Malaysia’s private healthcare sector, prides itself on a healthcare legacy that spans over six decades. It has established itself as a trusted brand, serving generation after generation of patients.

Renowned for its “Patients-First” approach, IHH Malaysia offers state-of-the-art facilities and a team of world-class medical professionals, making it a top choice for international patients seeking high-quality and accessible treatments.

With an extensive network that includes 11 Pantai Hospitals, 4 Gleneagles Hospitals, Prince Court Medical Centre, and the newly added Timberland Medical Centre in Sarawak, IHH Malaysia offers reliable and quality medical care across the country. Its widespread presence allows it to offer a seamless healthcare experience, from initial consultation to follow-up care, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for international patients.

“At IHH Healthcare, our patients are at the centre of all that we do. We prioritise their well-being by combining personalised care with advanced technology. In doing so, we focus on meeting each patient’s unique needs, to ensure an effective and comfortable treatment experience. We are committed to enhancing health and wellness for our patients through thoughtful and professional healthcare services,” said Jean-François Naa, the Chief Executive Officer of IHH Healthcare Malaysia.

Enhancing Healthcare Standards Throughout the Region

IHH Malaysia is committed to enhancing healthcare accessibility and standards throughout Southeast Asia through strategic initiatives and partnerships.  Its collaborations, such as those in Indonesia and Timor-Leste, offer benefits such as special rates on health screenings and support for medical travel. Additionally, its partnership with Bank Mega in Indonesia includes financial options such as instalment plans to make healthcare more accessible.

Medical Centres of Excellence

IHH Malaysia stands out not just for its advanced technology but for its comprehensive range of specialised care for complex medical conditions. It excels in heart and cancer care, orthopaedics, brain, spine and nerve treatments, women’s and children’s health, digestive care, and holistic wellness programmes, making it a well-rounded choice for medical care.

Photo Credit: Prince Court Medical Centre
State-of-the-Art Technology: With advanced medical technology and facilities, IHH Healthcare Malaysia provides top-notch treatments to international patients.

In the realm of cancer treatment, IHH Malaysia employs advanced technologies such as the Digital PET-CT with Biograph Vision™️ and MRI Fusion Biopsy for highly precise cancer diagnostics. For internal radiation therapy, IHH Malaysia utilises cutting-edge equipment including the Elekta Versa HD Linear Accelerator and Leksell Gamma Knife®️ Icon Radiosurgery, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of treatments.

Expanding its technological suite, the fourth generation da Vinci Xi Surgical System and O-Arm Imaging & Navigation System ensure personalised and effective treatments.

International Accreditation and Holistic Care

For medications and treatments, IHH Malaysia adheres to Shariah-compliant and halal-certified practices, catering to the diverse needs of its international patients. It is also supported by accreditations from prestigious global bodies such as the Joint Commission International (JCI).

IHH Malaysia further excels in post-treatment care, offering advanced rehabilitation programmes that incorporate technologies such as the Lokomat, alongside traditional methods, to ensure patients are fully healed and rejuvenated.

Recognised for Healthcare Excellence

IHH Malaysia has been recognised with multiple prestigious awards including “Hospital Group of the Year APAC” and “Medical Tourism Initiative of the Year - Malaysia” at the Healthcare Asia Awards 2024 and GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Awards 2024. These accolades highlight its role in promoting Malaysia as a prime medical tourism destination.

Convenient Patient Journey

Understanding the unique needs of international patients, IHH Malaysia has developed a user-friendly website to simplify the decision-making process for international patients. This platform allows patients to select their preferred hospital location and get in touch via email, phone, or WhatsApp.

The One-Stop Customer Service Hotline, staffed by medical professionals, assists with scheduling appointments and providing cost estimates. The International Patient Centre (IPC) ensures a smooth journey from airport transfers to travel and accommodation arrangements, ensuring the overall patient experience is as convenient and stress-free as possible.

Photo Credit: Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur
International Patient Centre: Ensuring a smooth and comfortable medical journey for international patients at IHH Healthcare Malaysia.

Patients-First Approach

With its Patients-First approach, IHH Malaysia is more than a healthcare provider. It is a trusted partner dedicated to enriching lives with advanced medical technology, clinical excellence, and compassionate personalised care.


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