Pooja Physiotherapy Health Care Center.

July 27, 2020

A one-stop center for all your Physiotherapy needs with expertise in a diverse range of conditions.

Pooja Physiotherapy Health Care Center.

With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, what makes us unique is that our focus is not only just resolving your pain and health issues, but rather educating, treating, and preparing you for tomorrow and beyond. We believe in discovering and treating the source of your problems through evidence-based, client-centered care.

We are a one-stop center for all your Physiotherapy needs with expertise in a diverse range of conditions. For many years we have been delivering the best clinical service to our clients with excellent outcomes, which makes us the most trusted choice for physicians, families, and health professionals. Quality care and experience at affordable prices with Sundays and public holiday appointments available.

Choose us as we provide one-to-one therapy sessions to understand our clients better in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Discovering and treating the root/source of problems by traditional Physiotherapy treatment combined with the latest technology to give you the best results is our mission. We provide personalized and customized treatment protocols suitable for each individual.

We have a happy and satisfied client’s testimonials.  Registered with Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC) and member of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA). “Abide by the rules and code of conduct, be assured to be in safe and effective hands.” Our commitment to your well-being remains paramount to our success.


You can find more about us @ www.physiopooja.com.sg

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