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Save a Number, Save a Life: Sunway Medical Centre Velocity Launches New Campaign To Highlight The Importance of Saving Healthcare Emergency Numbers

August 21, 2023

While the specific reasons for visiting the emergency department can vary, it is crucial to contact emergency services or go to the nearest emergency department for prompt assessment and care in a medical emergency.

Save a Number, Save a Life: Sunway Medical Centre Velocity Launches New Campaign To Highlight The Importance of Saving Healthcare Emergency Numbers

KUALA LUMPUR – Did you know that 59 percent of fatalities resulting from injuries during emergencies could have been prevented if timely first aid measures had been administered?[1] Emergencies often catch us off guard, leaving little time for hesitation. While not all of us possess healthcare expertise, it is crucial that we equip ourselves with the ability to conduct first aid measures swiftly and appropriately to the situations we encounter.

While most Malaysians are familiar with the emergency hotline 999, how many of us are aware of the contact number for our nearest hospital in a medical emergency? In those critical moments, every second counts.

In an effort to address this issue and promote greater mindfulness among Malaysians, Sunway Medical Centre Velocity (SMCV) is launching a campaign to empower and equip individuals with essential information that could help save a life. With the "Save a Number, Save a Life" campaign, SMCV aims to educate Malaysians about the significance of knowing the emergency contact numbers of their nearest healthcare institutions. With the aim of fostering a culture of preparedness, this campaign seeks to raise awareness and provide essential knowledge on effectively managing medical emergencies.

Reaching out to the Community

To engage with the public on this matter, SMCV will also be going out into the community to carry out street interviews around Kuala Lumpur to assess public awareness levels regarding the emergency department numbers of hospitals in their vicinity. These interviews are designed to enhance our comprehension of the public's awareness regarding the appropriate number to call in emergency situations, as well as their preparedness in saving the contact information of their nearest healthcare providers in their phones.


Sunway Medical Centre Velocity's 'Save a Number, Save a Life' campaign goes mobile with a truck tour to raise awareness in Kuala Lumpur communities and neighbourhoods.

For greater awareness, a "Save a Number, Save a Life" mobile truck will be deployed in various communities and neighbourhoods around Kuala Lumpur to provide more information about the campaign. Furthermore, SMCV will also introduce a campaign web application that explains the campaign's objectives as well as a "First Aid E-Book" containing essential tips and advice.

SMCV_Susan Cheow.JPGMs Susan Cheow, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Medical Centre Velocity

Ms Susan Cheow, Chief Executive Officer of SMCV, emphasised the significance of this campaign, expressing, "As Sunway Medical Centre Velocity blossoms into a trusted tertiary healthcare provider for the community, our commitment to caring for our community remains unwavering. This campaign serves as a testament to our commitment by equipping the public with life-saving healthcare knowledge. We strive to be a pillar of support for our community, ready to assist whenever and wherever needed. While hospital emergency numbers may not always be at the forefront of our minds, we recognise that having this vital information readily accessible is absolutely crucial for individuals to navigate emergency situations with confidence and effectiveness."

Dr Lim Fang Jen, SMCV’s Consultant Emergency Physician expressed, "With the 'Save a Number, Save a Life' campaign, our goal at Sunway Medical Centre Velocity is to heighten awareness among Malaysians regarding how timely first aid measures could result to greater treatment outcome. Our aim is also to educate individuals on the essential first-aid measures that should be undertaken while awaiting an ambulance or receiving treatment at the hospital. By equipping Malaysians with life-saving medical knowledge, we aim to empower the public to act swiftly and effectively to minimise further harm in critical emergency scenarios."

To delve deeper into the "Save a Number, Save a Life" campaign and explore its various initiatives, visit SMCV’s dedicated campaign web application. Here, a set of crucial information and resources can be found, shedding light on the campaign's objectives and ongoing efforts to raise awareness and promote a culture of preparedness among Malaysians.

Everyone is encouraged to join SMCV in this important mission to foster a community that is well-equipped to respond to emergencies with competence and compassion.

Sunway Medical Centre Velocity is located at Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity. For enquiries, contact 03 9772 9191 or email For more information on Sunway Medical Centre Velocity, visit (Facebook: Sunway Medical Velocity).



KKLIU Approval No: KKLIU 2075/2025



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