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Singapore’s New Generation TCM Physicians

May 16, 2022

Breathing new life into what is commonly referred to as ancient healing techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a new generation of physicians are slowly emerging in the TCM scene and modernising this ancient practice to meet the evolving needs of patients today. Today we take a closer look at Oriental Remedies Group (ORG), a leading patient-centred healthcare provider at the forefront of this evolution.

Singapore’s New Generation TCM Physicians

Overcoming the language barrier and communicating effectively

Gone are the days when only Chinese-speaking patients sought TCM treatments. In the past, language was a barrier for many Singaporeans when it came to considering TCM as a treatment option for their ailments. Many were afraid to consult TCM physicians as most of them only spoke Chinese.

There was also a lack of understanding of how TCM can benefit patients with different health conditions. Educational content was not readily available to the public and physicians were not trained to communicate these benefits to their patients.

In order to bridge that gap, ORG licensed physicians are effectively bilingual and can switch between English and Chinese to help patients understand their health condition and treatments better, empowering them to make informed decisions while fully understanding their diagnosis. In addition, ORG physicians adopt a structured treatment plan that is shared with patients to provide clarity on the treatments prescribed and to track their recovery progress.

Physician Kelly Leow shares that ORG’s emphasis on being effectively bilingual, physician-patient communication and patient education have helped TCM become more inclusive and accessible to patients regardless of race and language. And in the past year, ORG has seen a 20% increase in Malay and Indian patients visiting their clinics.


Complementing western medicine with TCM safely

Can TCM be done concurrently with western treatments? You might have gotten a vague answer in the past, leaving you uncertain. The good news is, TCM is no longer what it used to be and a modern TCM physician would be able to advise you confidently on how you can complement western treatments with TCM safely.

Modern TCM physicians at ORG are familiar with western bio-systems and human anatomy. In fact, the majority of them are trained in Biological Sciences and TCM at Nanyang Technological University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. During their course of study in Singapore and China, they learn about bio-systems with a focus on biomedical sciences and human biology as well as gain clinical experience. This new generation of physicians is well versed in eastern traditional medicine and western biomedical sciences, allowing them to marry TCM with western perspectives effectively.

As more patients seek complementary holistic care to support their recovery from chronic conditions, ORG has also seen an increase in chronic patients, particularly cancer and fertility patients, consulting TCM physicians with the intention to support western treatments with TCM.

TCM for cancer support

TCM is commonly used to alleviate the side effects of cancer and conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy. It can be used to support the patient’s immunity, reduce heat flashes, relieve nausea and alleviate other common side effects, improving their quality of life while battling cancer.