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Subang Jaya Medical Centre Sweeps Multiple Awards, Recognised for Exceptional Care, Innovation, and Social Impact

July 08, 2024

Honours Include Top Accolades from Frost & Sullivan, GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific, and Healthcare Asia, Highlighting SJMC's Pioneering Achievements

Subang Jaya Medical Centre Sweeps Multiple Awards, Recognised for Exceptional Care, Innovation, and Social Impact

SJMC’s Senior Leadership Team celebrates the multiple awards clinched: (From left) Director of Medical Services Dr Vasuhi Murugiah, Chief Executive Officer Bryan Lin, Chief Operating Officer Rachel Woo, and Director of Nursing Services Ng Ching See.

Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) won a series of the most coveted global and regional healthcare awards recently, including the Frost & Sullivan Awards 2024, GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Awards 2024, and Healthcare Asia Awards 2024, carving a niche for itself as a leading multidisciplinary tertiary hospital in Malaysia and the region. These awards highlight SJMC’s innovative approach to medical care, its pioneering use of cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to community giveback. 

Bryan Lin, Chief Executive Officer of SJMC, shared his enthusiasm about the organisation's global recognition in healthcare, stating, “These accolades are proof of our pioneering efforts in the medical field, which demonstrate our dedication to elevating patient care. By utilising advanced technology, implementing world-class practices, and offering over 260 specialised medical services, we continuously innovate and serve. We bring together around 1,600 healthcare professionals with the right balance of expertise. I am immensely proud of our team's dedication to excellence, which firmly establishes us as a healthcare leader in the region.”

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

At the Frost & Sullivan Awards 2024, SJMC continued its winning streak as the "Best Hospital Company of the Year in Malaysia" for the fourth consecutive year, making it the first to be recognised continuously with this prestigious accolade. This honour recognised the hospital’s innovative approaches to addressing nursing shortages, enhancing workflows, and maintaining a strong market presence that ensures high patient retention and strong referrals. A key innovation highlighted this year is the introduction of SeniorConnect, Malaysia’s first remote patient monitoring system, which exemplifies SJMC’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance patient care and safety.

This innovation also earned SJMC the first “GlobalHealth MedTech Awards 2024 for Excellence in Digital Health”, which signifies the hospital’s leadership in digital health solutions like telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and AI-powered diagnostics. 

Global Recognition in Healthcare

SJMC's achievements at the GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Awards 2024 include five notable wins showcasing the hospital’s leadership role in healthcare innovation. Noteworthy awards included "Best Hospital of the Year in the Asia Pacific” for the third time, highlighting SJMC’s numerous medical firsts, including pioneering over 900 successful bone marrow transplants and introducing Malaysia's first daycare robotic-assisted total knee and hip replacement service. 

The awards further honour SJMC's person-centred care approach as "Multi-Disciplinary Oncology Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific," a recognition of its comprehensive oncology services accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI) as the First Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Oncology Services in Asia Pacific.

The hospital also took home the “Advanced Genetic Centre Provider of the Year” award for advanced laboratory solutions, including the introduction of Express Next Generation Sequencing for solid tumours and liquid biopsies, a first in Southeast Asia. In the “Diabetes Service Provider of the Year” category, they responded to Malaysia’s increasing diabetes rates by implementing Continuous Glucose Monitoringtechnology, enhancing diabetes management. 

Subang Jaya Medical Centre sweeps multiple awards, recognised for exceptional care, innovation, and social impact.

Social Impact and Community Initiatives

SJMC’s win for “CSR Service of the Year” at the GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Awards 2024 reflects its substantial social initiatives, which align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3 on Good Health and Well-Being.

Notable among these is the Global Surgery Initiative (GSI), the first-of-its-kind public-private partnership in Malaysia with the Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists, supported by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, which delivered critical surgical care to over 50 underserved patients in rural Sarawak. Additionally, the “If Not Now, When? #endcervicalcancer” campaign significantly impacted by providing over 300 women with complimentary HPV screening kits, and the Nurse Quest Programme engaged over 80 senior high school students in exploring nursing careers.

SJMC’s community initiatives received further recognition at the Healthcare Asia Awards 2024, where they received the "ESG Programme of the Year—Malaysia" for its deep commitment to healthcare sustainability, which champions initiatives such as GSI, the “If Not Now, When? #endcervicalcancer” campaign and the Nurse Quest Programme. Each of these initiatives echoes SJMC’s dedication to community engagement and healthcare excellence, demonstrating a unified effort towards enhancing public health and sustainability.

Recognised as a flagship medical tourism hospital by the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) and fully endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, SJMC remains at the forefront of the healthcare industry.

Bryan Lin reiterated the significance of these awards, "These accolades are affirmations of our journey towards world-class healthcare excellence. We are committed to continuing our mission of providing innovative, high quality and compassionate medical care to our patients." SJMC’s status as a top healthcare provider was further solidified by its inclusion as one of the top three Best World Hospitals in Malaysia in the Newsweek Best World Hospitals 2024 list.


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Subang Jaya Medical Centre Sweeps Multiple Awards, Recognised for Exceptional Care, Innovation, and Social Impact

Honours Include Top Accolades from Frost & Sullivan, GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific, and Healthcare Asia, Highlighting SJMC's Pioneering Achievements

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