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Sustainable Weight Management

May 25, 2021

Making Weight Management a Long-Term Journey.

Sustainable Weight Management

Malaysia is the fattest nation in Asia, and this is not a shocking fact. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies the escalating global epidemic of overweight and obesity as “globesity”. A study done by the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2019 indicated that 1 in every 2 Malaysian adults are either overweight or obese. Globally, obesity is the fifth leading cause of death, with at least 2.8 million deaths every year. However, Malaysia is not the only country facing a national obesity issue. 


This begs the question of how an entirely prevalent disease can remain so prevalent?


Causes of Obesity and Overweight


Generally, obesity is caused by an energy imbalance in calories, where caloric input is more than caloric output. For instance, when we consume excessive intake of energy-dense food high in sugar or fat, it increases our caloric intake. Conversely, the caloric output is reduced when we practise a sedentary lifestyle. 


Obesity is a multi-factorial disease. Other factors causing obesity include genetic makeup, medical disorders involving hormonal imbalance, or even particular medication prescription by doctors.


What is Laurent Bleu’s Sustainable Weight Management Programme (SWMP)?


Laurent Bleu is a one-stop centre that practices a multidisciplinary approach in handling obesity and weight problems. Our professional team of healthcare experts consisting of doctors, dietitians, personal trainers, and health psychologists will guide you for three months with fortnightly appointments to thoroughly follow the SWMP programme.


Our doctors screen and correct any weight-related medical conditions as well as adjust suitable medication prescriptions. To ensure that you build healthier eating habits in the long run, our dietitians practically modify your food choices so you can continue eating the foods you love in moderation. Our personal trainer will encourage and educate you on how to live an active lifestyle and guide you in building long-term, sustainable exercise habits. Our health psychologists also seek an in-depth understanding of the psychological and behavioural factors that may be affecting your weight.  


What makes Laurent Bleu’s SWMP different from other programmes?


We view weight management as a marathon, not a sprint. Everything in the SWMP programme focuses on more profound change to facilitate long-term success. In adopting the patient-centred approach, you will receive a personalised meal plan. We promote sustainability by ensuring that there is no restrictive dieting or impractical modification of eating habits that may adversely affect weight in the long run. Additionally, we support you along the journey through consistent communication and close monitoring of your progress. 


Trying to lose weight is as much of a mental game as a physical one. We emphasise on health psychology to help you overcome mental obstacles and blockages, understand why you may not be succeeding, and help you gain a deeper insight into behaviours and mindsets that affect your weight. Having a level of self-awareness and mindfulness contributes significantly towards a healthy relationship between food and yourself. This leads to successful weight management.


At Laurent Bleu, we aim to build sustainable lifestyle habits in our clients, whether in eating, exercising or mindset. Our focus is not how successful you will be in your three months with us but rather the success you should have for the rest of your life.


As much as “globesity” is a concern not only in Malaysia but other parts of the world, it is vital to understand that this issue is entirely preventable with the right guidance.


Would you invest in three months of commitment for a lifetime of health?



Written by Trina Phua, Dietitian

Content provided by Laurent Bleu Medical Clinic

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