MB BS (Hons) MMed FRCOG FRANZCOG CREI Specialities: Fertility, Gynaecology

Dr. Andrew Kan

Fertility Specialist

Dr Andrew Kan is a visiting fertility specialist from Australia.

He is an experienced fertility specialist with a reputation throughout Asia and Australia for his understanding and care for patients from a range of cultural backgrounds. His fertility expertise is held in the highest regard, to the extent that he has been consulted regarding the setup of a number of IVF units.

Dr Kan understands and respects that many patients desire to start treatment with the least invasive option, such as IUI or low dose/light/mild stimulation IVF. He also has an acute understanding of the differing response to IVF treatment for women of various age ranges, be it their 20's, 30's or 40's.

Dr Kan has a particular expertise in treating patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome and male infertility, and those who require donor sperm or eggs.

Additionally, if you prefer to use complementary therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture alongside your fertility treatment , Dr Kan will be open to and understanding of this.

After completing his training in obstetrics and gynaecology in Sydney, Dr Kan worked in London for three years in Guys, St Thomas’ and Lister Hospitals, to further his expertise in infertility. He then returned to Sydney to complete the highest level of qualification in fertility in Australia.

Dr Kan now maintains an appointment as a Conjoint Senior Lecturer at The University of New South Wales and lectures at the Masters of Reproductive Medicine program. He is also an examiner at all levels at the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Finally, he is also Clinical Director of IVFAustralia’s Southern Sydney Clinic in Kogarah and The Fertility Centre in Western Sydney.


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