Dr. Koh Wei Thye

Dr Koh graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2007. After attaining his Graduate Diploma of Family Medicine in 2012, Dr Koh went on to helm a directorship role at a medical clinic as a fully accredited board physician.

With a 5-year training in energy-based techniques, he is trained to treat patients who are bogged with pigmentation, acne, melasma and scars. With a dedication to patient education, he believes that aesthetic treatment is not just a touch-and-go kind of medical treatment but a lifelong collaborative journey to restore aesthetic confidence. 

He recommends treatments that are best suited to the patient’s comfort level whilst delivering the safest, yet, most effective procedures according to their concern.

Advocating in taking a holistic approach, he firmly believes that good skin should not only include aesthetic treatments but a good skincare regimen and balanced nutrition as well.


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