Postgraduate Diploma In Practical Dermatology (Cardiff University , UK) Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine (NUS) MBBS (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Clinical Focus:

Acne, Skin Tightening, Face Lifting, Acne Scars, Pigmentation, Facial Contours

Dr. Vicki Leong

Founder of VIDASKIN Medical and Aesthetics Clinic

Dr. Vicki Leong (梁凯婷医生) graduated from the University of Melbourne in Australia. She was later awarded the Graduate Diploma of Family Medicine from the National University of Singapore, and Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology from Cardiff University (United Kingdom). She is fully accredited in aesthetic procedures such as filler injections, Botox, thread lifts and lasers. Dr. Vicki is the appointed regional trainer for EnerJet™ - a revolutionary cutting edge treatment clinically proven for nonsurgical face-lifting, skin regeneration and acne scar repair.

Dr. Vicki believes strongly in journeying with her patients to provide impactful and natural improvements to their skin and beauty. She has a keen eye for beauty, and is committed to providing her patients with honest, affordable and minimally invasive options. Dr. Vicki also has a strong interest in skin improvements, and is sought after by many for her dedication in the treatments of conditions such as acne, unrefined skin, pigmentation and melasma. Her personal interest in skincare has led her to develop a wide range of superior medical grade products, to complement the clinical treatments provided to her patients.

Dr. Vicki is commited to provide only evidence-based and rigoriously tested treatments. With her approachable and caring demeanour, patients feel assured and at ease. Dr. Vicki is dedicated to help her patients face the world with confidence in their everyday lives.


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