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November 2021

Honouring the Best Healthcare Providers in the Region

The Global Health Asia-Pacific Healthcare and Hospital Awards is back in the game after being called off last year due to the restrictions put in place to contain COVID-19.

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October 2021

The New Beginning of Malaysia Healthcare Travel

In another innovative move, the MHTC struck a deal with DoctorOnCall, one of Malaysia’s leading telehealth services platforms, to facilitate patient care online. Despite all these efforts, Mohd Daud believes it will still take time for the health travel industry to rebound to pre-pandemic levels. He’ll be looking, in particular, at several important factors playing a role, such as vaccination rollouts, the lifting of travel restrictions, and the return of tourist confidence in travelling again.

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August 2021

The Stealthy Cancer

This issue covers the advancements in oncology over the past several decades that have improved life expectancy for many patients, especially those with breast and colon cancers. One area, however, the treatment of pancreatic cancer, has yet to reap the full benefits.

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June 2021

The Dark Side of COVID-19

The issue focuses on how COVID-19 can also cause a multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children weeks after exposure to the virus, with fever and organ inflammation as key problems. Though it’s treatable in its early stages, the condition is not always easy to diagnose because it can be mistaken for other fever-causing diseases.

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April 2021

AI can boost vitro fertilisation

The issue focuses on how artificial intelligence could improve the efficacy of in-vitro fertilisation, the most common fertility treatment.

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February 2021

Medical Centres And Aesthetic Clinics In The Asia-Pacific

The issue focuses on recognition of the best hospitals in the region.

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January 2021

Clinic Awards issue

The issue covers the first Clinic and Medical Centre Awards organised by Global Health Asia-Pacific to celebrate the best doctors and medical practices in the region.


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December 2020

Awards Special 2020

The issue highlights the best healthcare providers in the Asia-Pacific and key medical tourism markets like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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November 2020

Pandemic sparks digitalisation in healthcare

The issue delves into the growing relevance of digital healthcare services during the coronavirus pandemic.

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