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May 2020

We salute you

The issue delves into the coronavirus pandemic to highlight good containment models and the lessons we should learn.

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March 2020

Three-person fertility treatment

In this issue we look into three-person fertility procedures to understand both their efficacy and risks.

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January 2020

Cancer immunotherapy: The promises and failures

Our cover story provides a reality check on what patients can expect from the revolutionary cancer therapy.

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November 2019

Aesthetic and Wellness Awards

In this issue, we cover the APAC Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Summit by offering an overview of the conference  and profiling the winners of the aesthetic and wellness awards. 

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September 2019

Gene editing could spark biomedical revolution

In this issue, we delve into gene editing, a promising technique that might bring about a revolution in the biomedical field by providing doctors with the ability to write diseases out of the genome. 

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June 2019

Conference and Awards 2019

The annual Global Health and Travel conference centered around some of the most relevant issues in healthcare, including medical travel, patient safety, and the advancements in the Chinese healthcare system.  

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April 2019

All about women's health

In this issue, we cover some of the main challenges women have to face with regards to their health, from menstruation and menopause misconceptions to the risks of taking medications during pregnancy.

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February 2019

The battle against ageing

In this issue, we cover the multiple lines of research on ageing and find out that one day we might be able to delay the onset of some of the most dreadful age-related conditions.

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December 2018

Cancer Disparities

This issue revolves around inequality in cancer treatment - a complex issue driven by multiple socio-economic, geographical, and biological factors.

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