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October 2018

Malaysia: The cardiology hub of Asia

In this issue, we cover the rise of Malaysia as a medical tourism hub for heart problems and offer advice on the best treatment options as well as the most trustworthy heart centres in the country.

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August 2018

Fertility Special Issue

The issue covers Malaysia’s credentials as the fertility hub of Asia, including some of its best fertility clinics popular among international patients.

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June 2018

Awards issue

The issue covers the third annual Global Health and Travel awards and conference.

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April 2018

The golden era of wellness

This issue offers a glimpse into all the treatments and examinations that promise to keep us young and healthy for a long time, sorting out the risks from the benefits.

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January 2018

Malaysia’s mavericks

The issue covers how Malaysia has managed to become a key player in the medical tourism sector, with both the government and private hospitals betting hard on healthcare travel.

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