Frequently-asked questions

What is included in the cost of care?

Each quote details what is included. Please feel free to clarify, if you have any question on the quote, once received.

Will I need to make payment at the Hospital or in advance?

If purchasing one of Global Health and Travel’s healthcare packages,from partner hospitals and clinics, you will simply need to show up for your appointment and receive the treatment covered within the package. For any additional services and care recommended/received beyond what is included in the package, payment would have to be made at the time of care directly to the provider.

Appointment Bookings (non-packages):
For appointments made via Global Health and Travel, payment shall have to be made directly to the provider.

What procedures are available?

Medical, cosmetic, dental, diagnostics, infertility and cancer treatment and many other medical/wellness-related procedures are available through our partner hospitals.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism (also known as health tourism or medical travel) is a term to describe the trend where people travel from one part of the world to another to obtain wellness, medical and surgical care.

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