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Unlock a World of Sound with Cochlear Implant

November 06, 2023

Experience the world anew with the life-changing Cochlear Implant Procedure. This innovative device bypasses damaged hair cells, directly stimulating the auditory nerve, allowing you to rediscover the symphony of life.

Unlock a World of Sound with Cochlear Implant

Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine a world devoid of sound, where laughter, music, and conversations exist only as silent echoes. For countless individuals in Indonesia, this harsh reality is a daily experience due to hearing loss. According to a study from the Esa Unggul University, the number of hearing loss sufferers in Indonesia is relatively high, with 4.6% of the population, and is ranked fourth in Southeast Asia after Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India. Yet, in the face of this challenge, there exists a beacon of hope—the groundbreaking Cochlear Implant Procedure that has the power to unlock and rediscover a world of sound.


The Cochlear Implant Procedure stands as a testament to the marvels of modern medical science. This transformative procedure involves the surgical implantation of an electronic device within the mastoid bone behind the ear, designed with the singular purpose of restoring the precious gift of hearing. At its core, this ingenious device comprises a set of electrodes that intricately stimulates the cochlear hair cells, sending signals directly to the auditory nerve, thereby allowing individuals to once again perceive sound in all its rich nuances.


Hearing loss, a condition that knows no age boundaries, can strike at any stage of life—from the tender age of a newborn to adulthood. While genetic factors play a significant role in congenital hearing loss, it is vital to recognise that environmental factors, prenatal influences, and infective causes can also contribute to this challenging condition. According to the National Health Service (NHS) England, the statistics paint a stark picture; the incidence of hearing loss in newborns is estimated at 1 to 2 babies in every 1,000 live births. For adults, a range of medical conditions and exposure to noise hazards can lead to severe hearing impairment. The consequences of untreated hearing loss are intense, encompassing delayed speech and language development in children, workplace challenges, social isolation, and an elevated risk of dementia and depression in adults.


Symptoms of hearing loss manifest in unique ways across different age groups. For children, it can manifest as speech delays, while for adults, it often manifests as difficulty in understanding spoken language. In this landscape of auditory challenges, Cochlear implants emerge as a beacon of hope, particularly for those who have grappled with the limitations of traditional hearing aids. This life changing procedure involves a surgical implantation process, followed by a healing period lasting 2 to 4 weeks. Once this healing phase concludes, the device is activated, setting the stage for a transformative journey.


The road to regaining the symphony of life involves Speech Therapy and Audiology sessions aimed at enhancing speech and language skills. It is worth noting that early intervention is crucial, especially for children, as speech and language development occur most rapidly during the first three years of life. Cochlear implants can be a lifeline for children as young as nine months, offering them an opportunity for enhanced language development.